Вещие сны[1] was a magic ability where the user sees visions of the past or future through dreaming. Exclusive to the Loop Octopus Clan and its descendants, the power was highly valued by mages.


A prophetic dream involved the possessor receiving visions of the past or future through dreaming while they slept. The visions typically appeared to the dreamer as a collection of images with distinct color hues. Each color carried a different significance for the prophet, with purple signaling that the vision was a definite future that was unable to be avoided at that point. As a result, the possessor could use their knowledge of the other colored visions to inform others of the potential future or change the future before it comes to pass.[2]

Despite their power of foresight, the prophetic dream ability was largely uncontrollable and its content was seemingly random in nature.[3] Likewise, the visions were often incomplete and given little to no context, making it possible to misinterpret the events being seen.[4] Because the ability was unique to members of the Loop Octopus Clan and its descendants, no one outside the clan could learn the magic ability.[5] However, if the body of a clan member were possessed by another individual, they would also be able to receive prophetic dreams.[6]




  • Elluka Clockworker commonly represents her visions as gears, describing a gear "locked" into place sets the other cogs in motion, making them unchangeable thereafter.[7]
  • Throughout the Evillious series, several characters claim to be "fortune tellers" that practice divination despite their "magic" actually being faked.




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