Полицейский отдел допроса[1], more infamously known as the Torture Department[2], was a secret police department in the World Police. Stationed in Castle Hedgehog, the department acted in the interests of the major Evillious governments and the Freezis Foundation, subjecting its inmates to endless pain in order to acquire pertinent information.



After the establishment of the World Police in EC 573, the Interrogation Execution Department was established in secret within the organization as part of the negotiations between the various Evillious governments and the Freezis Foundation. Once the foundation offered the Castle Hedgehog property to the World Police, the Interrogation Execution Department was stationed there and converted the fortress into a prison facility.[3]

Over the years, the secret department interrogated numerous suspected criminals imprisoned at the facility while acting as a secret police for government leaders and the Freezis Foundation's president, Shaw Freezis.[4] It eventually earned the moniker of the "Torture Department" for its severe interrogation methods.[5]

Père NoëlПравить

On October 17, EC 609, two torture units were dispatched to the Evillious mainland to retrieve Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre and escort them back to the Freezis Foundation headquarters to mourn their great-grandfather Shaw's passing that morning before arresting them on orders from the foundation's interim president Bruno Marlon. Later that day, the two units tracked Hanne to Puerick Rogzé's home in Lucifenian and Heidemarie to Toragay.

After informing them both of Shaw's death, the units escorted them back to the foundation's headquarters, arriving in Bariti two days later. The linked units then mobilized to arrest the two sisters at the headquarters, facing resistance from Heidemarie. Once she surrendered and they were both apprehended, the unit imprisoned them at the World Police's Marlon facility.[6]

In late August of EC 610, Bruno Marlon was transferred to Castle Hedgehog; the department then subjected the disguised Kaidor Blankenheim to intense torture daily to elicit information about Père Noël. Sixth Venom later infiltrated the facility and assassinated Kaidor before escaping the department.[7]



  • Fittingly, the "Torture Department" was stationed at Castle Hedgehog, infamous for its Lord Hedgehog's alleged sadistic love for torturing his captives.[8]



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